Lisa Bruner

Potrero Hill, San Francisco









Global Trainer + Instructional Designer + Project Manager + Multimedia Developer

Hello! I am Lisa Bruner, a transplant from Austin, Texas. I live in San Francisco with my husband and our two children. I’m an Instructional Designer and Project Manager with expertise in both the academic and corporate arenas. I’ve worked with diverse build teams and clients to produce quality interactive learning experiences in both electronic and live formats. I'm also a highly skilled web, graphic and multi-media designer with 20 years cumulative professional experience.


My experience in business start-up, management and marketing was attained through the founding and development of my own company, North Loop Sign and Graphics Shop. In addition to my role as Senior Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Production Manager, I successfully performed all other duties involved in business management and entrepreneurship – including marketing, accounting, and employee and vendor management. This wide skill set has been key to the success of my work and contributions in all of my subsequent roles.


My primary focus now is learning and development in the technology sector – currently in programmatic advertising. Working in technology (Apple, Cadreon) has allowed me to leverage current device trends, creating interactive tools for our modern, multi-device, on-the-go learners. I've designed and implemented quality global training solutions for both client and internal employees.


My experience working with creative teams and individuals in deadline-oriented environments contributed to developing my excellent communication and organizational skills. I am efficient and resourceful and I have the technical experience needed to problem solve in high-pressure situations. I value strong professional inter-work relationships and networks and I welcome the acquisition of new skills and continuing education in my career. I appreciate organizations that promote strong ethical values both in the work place and in the work that they produce.